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Do you want reliable nutrition and health advice?  Are you a keen sports person and want to know how and what foods and fluids will help achieve your sporting goals?

At Megabite Consulting we will assess your individual nutritional needs and help find you the correct nutrition plan to suit your lifestyle and health needs.

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Rachel Scrivin
MSc (Nutr.), PG Dip Diet (Dist.),

Hi, I'm here to help

My name is Rachel Scrivin, and I am here to help you learn and understand the importance of the correct nutrition to achieve your health and sporting goals.

I am a New Zealand Registered Dietitian and an Advanced Accredited Sports Dietitian. I have been practicing  for over 22 years in different settings from hospitals, community, government, sporting teams and private practice.

Book in to see me if you want practical, evidence based nutrition advice.

Take a look at some of my services below, to help you get the most out of your nutrition.

Nutrition Services

Learn more about our nutrition services to help you obtain the most from your diet.

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Learn more about how to cook quick and easy nutritious meals, snacks and smoothies

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Find out the latest researched evidence on various nutrition topics.

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Want a dynamic, engaging presentation at your next conference or team meeting?

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Safe in the knowledge

As a practitioner it is important to keep up to date, and on top of the latest researched evidence in the nutrition field. Rachel has trained extensively at University to enhance her knowledge about nutrition, in order to accurately apply the theory into practice.

Over the last 22 years as a Clinician, she has learnt that everyone has individual nutritional requirements. During a consultation she will explore exactly what your health and/ or sporting goals are, and how best to accomodate that with a specific nutrition plan.

Need to get the competitive edge?

Are you a competitive or recreational athlete? Or perhaps you are new to exercise, and you want to learn how to correctly fuel and hydrate your body to get the most out of your training, recovery and performance. Part of most nutritional assessments is a body composition analysis.

Rachel will determine through accurate skinfold (caliper) and girth measurements, what body fat and lean body mass levels you have currently and what levels you should be aiming for. She will then review your nutritional intake and overall goals, to tailor a specific meal plan to help you achieve your nutrition, body composition and performance goals.

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