Rachel Scrivin Speaker

Rachel has presented at many international nutrition and sports medicine conferences both locally and internationally in places such as Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Kuwait and India. Rachel is a dynamic presenter who engages the audience with her knowledge, experience and professional manner.  She is available to provide live presentations, webinars, media and print commentary.  

Please phone Rachel on 0220 859 959, or click on the button to contact her via email.

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Registered Dietitians can provide the latest research evidence based information - the "science" - and translate this into practical, everyday advice. It is important you seek the advice of a regulated practitioner who practises under a professional body (i.e. Dietitians Board of New Zealand).

Rachel has been a member and holder of a current annual practising certificate with the Dietitians Board since 1997. She will teach you how to understand and clarify nutrition information to ensure you are eating healthy foods for your training and lifestyle needs.

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